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Erasmus+ chemie s CLIL

30.08.2022 962 Mgr. Bc. Josef Kopřiva

Erasmus+ chemie s CLIL

In the second half of July 2022, as a part of the Erasmus+ program, I completed the fourteen-day course "CLIL Methodology and ICT Tools for Teachers Working with CLIL" at the Executive Training Institute in Malta together with colleagues from Spain, Poland and Slovakia.

In the first week, we devoted ourselves to the CLIL methodology. CLIL (content and language integrated learning) is a dual-focused educational approach in which an additional language is used for the learning and teaching of both content and language. We became thoroughly acquainted with the "5 Cs" (content, community, communication, competence and cognition).

In the second week we practiced the "scaffolding", i.e. mainly ICT tools for preparing lessons for students.

Mgr. Josef Kopřiva

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